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so im bored & grounded. [Apr. 29th, 2005|11:23 pm]
im grounded for sneaking out and getting caught. what joy.

but due to my boredom i do surveys and play internet games and rent movies and buy suckers and go to random people's softball games and....well, do surveys. so here ya go.

x. slept in your bed: moi...plus sammy
x. saw you cry: i can't remember the last time i cried. oh yeah, it was this dream i had.
x. made you cry: the person in my dream. it sounds dumb, but they just held my hand and said they loved me and it was just really really sweet and i stayed up for like an hour crying because i wanted that in real life with that person. ah, breathe.
x. spend the night at your house: i really don't remember. beth probably.
x. you shared a drink with: elizabeth @ panera today
x. you watched a movie with: umm alec
x. yelled at you: big mama
x. told you they loved you: katie

x. gotten in a fight with your pet: yes. sam tried to scratch me earlier today
x. been to new york: yes-6th grade.
x. dreamed something really crazy & then it happened the next day: actually yes-and it was actually the dram that made me cry-which made all the sweeter
x. had an imaginary friend: yes their names were cary & straunt or something like that

x. red or blue: blue
x. spring or fall: spring
x. are you bored: just a lil bit
x. last noise you heard: freakin idiot
x. last time you went out of the country: never
x. things you like in the opposite sex: tallness and sweetness
x. do you have a crush on someone: not really
x. what book are you reading now: the time-travelers wife. its really sweet. i say sweet a lot
x. worst feeling in the world: rejection and loneliness
x. what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: "god what time is it"
x. how many rings before you answer: 2
x. future daughters name: magdeline leigh, or elizabeth clare
x. future sons name: im not having boys-just girls
x. do you sleep with a stuffed animal: no
x. if you could have any job you wanted what would it be: something that pays a lot of $$$$$
x. are you righty lefty or ambidextrous: righty
x. do you type with your fingers on the right keys: yah who doesnt yo???
x. whats under your bed:who knows
x. favorite sport to watch: baseball, or soccer, or basketball, or sometimes football
x. siblings: sister
x. location: nc
x. college plans: a good college
x. boyfriend/girlfriend: no

x. who is your best friend: beth
x. what are you most scared of: rejection & loneliness
x. what clothes do you sleep in: whatever i want
x. who is the last person that called you: beth
x. where do you want to get married: in gatlinburg, TN outside somewhere on one of the mountains
x. favorite number(s): um dont have one
x. what type of automobile do you drive: um usually the mercury, but sometimes the bmw
x. are you timely or always late: whatever i want
x. do you have a job: i cashier/waitess @ j&g
x. do you like being around people:yes
x. best feeling in the world: finding out the guy you like likes you back
x. are you a health freak: um..negative

x. have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: yes-but then it turned out i did???
x. want someone you don't have right now: yes-& its the worst feeling in the world
x. are you lonely right now: nah
x. are you afraid you'll never get married: i might be when im like 60
x. do you want to get married: someday
x. do you want kids: as long as they are girls

x. cried: no
x. bought something: yes
x. said "i love you": no
x. met someone new: yes-today @ the game
x. talked to someone: yes
x. missed someone: yes
x. hugged someone: yes
x. fought with you parents: actually yes
x. dream about someone you can't be with: last night...
x. had a lot of sleep: what else is being grounded good for?
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2005|04:43 pm]
its weird how things work out in the end.

i was looking back on this lj thing-and i find it really really weird. i mean-it's weird how things have changed. i like it. a lot. and its weird how all these things that used to be SO important to me aren't that important anymore. and the things that i used to obsess over and wish and dream about, i mean, they've actually come true. well...some of them.

but its gorgeous outside & i gotta be somewhere.
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2005|09:04 am]
okay i had a bunch of dreams last night.

one was about a young girl who was all alone in the world-relationship wise. and she got really sad about it and became suicidal. so she goes to the san francisco bridge and is about to jump off-but her dad follows her and makes her change her mind-and they're just sitting they're crying when this couple walks by and they decide to sit on a bench-and he asks the woman if she would marry him. then the young girl hears this proposal and is overwhelmed and pulls away from her dad and goes and jumps off the bridge to her death.

another was me talking on the internet to a certain someone-and i was about to give up on getting response from them at all and then they invited me to the movies. what a boring event.

okay so then i lost my purse at church-and i couldn't find it. and a fugitive broke in while i was trying to find it and everyone evacuated and i HAD TO FIND MY PURSE--and then i was searching for it and i found this tunnel-so i went through it. and it was a secret passage to an amusement park and this man told me to get on the rollercoaster or he would slit my throat. so i got on the roller coaster. and he turned it on--and it kept going back and forth, like a swing, until the whole roller coaster got thrown off the track. and the roller coaster flew across the field/amusement park and landed right by my purse.

i had a great flipping weekend, and practically no school this week. and im sooo flipping tired--
come see me tonight @ 7 at the auditorium for $7
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happy valentines day!!!! [Feb. 14th, 2005|08:41 pm]
today was fun.
went shopping.
went to greensboro & ate @ the olive garden until my stomach ached. it was amazing, we got a parking spot RIGHT in front of the restaurant and i refused to leave 'cause i knew we wouldn't be able to get it again so we just chilled in the car for about an hour.
and came home.

haha, i got locked in the bathroom today @ school and i couldn't get out and i had to yell and scream until the janitor finally let me out.

& i katie is dumb. & she will probably be mad at me, but she thought that a baby stays in it's mothers womb for six months.

happy valentines day!
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2005|10:51 am]
First best friend: katie andrews-3rd grade. we knew how to have fun. lol. unless you count John Barry Boney in pre-school
First Crush: Brandon Jones, when he was my neighbor @ 4 years old. unless you count Brad Thornburg from pre-school. i still remember this weird dream that i had about the circus with him there one time...haha
First car: i drive my moms 96 ugly green mercury sable. i used to be able to drive the 98 black bmw. alas..
First break up: craig-5th grade; even though we never officialy broke up, haha
First screen name: SourAppleChick
First self purchased album: hanson-they were hottest things i'd ever seen.
First funeral: Joeys dad
First pets: hermie (hermit crab) or goldie (goldfish). wow the names were so thoughtful
First piercing/tattoo: ears...8th grade maybe?
First true love: not yet! holler

Last kiss: a couple-a weeks ago maybe???
Last good cry: i cant remember...
Last library book checked out: 'what my mother doesn't know'
Last movie seen: The Care Bears. dont laugh, its sweet!
Last beverage drank: H20 hell yeah!
Last food consumed: pizza @ frans--and lots of it
Last phone call: right now ;)
Last time showered: a bath this morning
Last shoes worn: my crazy Big Bird slippers.
Last item bought: McDonalds with Katie-
Last annoyance: sam peed somewhere...
Last time wanting to die: the diving board incident comes to mind
last time scolded: i dont listen anymore, so i dont know
Who are your best friends? beth, katie, johnny, seth, justin, morgan, mattie, and all the freshmen
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope-but katie and i are having fun living the single life. (the truck stalking extrvaganza...holler)
Do you do drugs? if i did, it would be to spite my mother (the anti-anti-drug)
What kind of shampoo do you use? paul mitchell, pantene, dove, white rain, thermasilk and neutrogena are all currently in my shower right now...
What are you most scared of? rejection...and being alone in the world

What are you listening to right now? the strokes
Where do you want to get married? in Gatlinburg, TN--its absolutely gorgeous there
How many buddies are online right now? 81
What would you change about yourself? what EVERY girl would like to change about herself
Color: BLACK--no not really....a really light caribbean blue
Food: anything carby
Boy name: Mitch
Girl name: Hailey
Subjects in school: nothing in particular
Animals: cats!!!! my cat got shot in the butt with a bee-bee gun...and whoever shot him is gonna hear from libo pretty soon.... (dave cough cough)
Sports: soccer

Given anyone a bath? negative...but i plucked somebodys chin hairs once
Bungee jumped? its on my list of things to do
Made yourself throw up? negative
Skinny dipped? almost not really
Ever been in love? no...but its about effing time
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? if that worked, i would do it.
Pictured your crush naked? no
Actually seen your crush naked? i've seen em half-naked. yay lifeguarding
Cried when someone died? lets see. YES. i remember beth coming with me to see Jessica at the funeral home and it was her first dead body. and i cried so hard and she was there for me and i will never forget that thanks beth i love you! lol. and i remember matt and i cried-and yet again, i was talking to beth at the time. wow beth, the things i put you through...
Lied? yes.
Gotten caught? that would be a very very big yes.
Fallen for your best friend? no. maybe in 4th grade???
Been rejected? i honestly dont know. maybe? oh yeah!! cameron cause we had already went out. omg i think im going to barf.
Rejected someone? yes
Used someone? define used. i would say yes. and for more than one thing
Done something you regret? nope. everything happens for a reason: for you to learn a lesson
Clothes: soccer shirt and pjs
Music: extreme :more than words:
Make-up: none
Annoyance: how my dogs name is spelled. (lizziey). i wanted lizzie. elizabeth wanted lizzy. so we had to combine to the two.
Smell: lizzIE.
Favorite artist: 5 for fighting, gavin degraw (i have his autograph), the strokes, the killers, frou frou, john mayer, maroon 5...these are really random i know..oh yeah howie day, yellowcard
Desktop picture: sam underneath the christmas tree...haha
DVD in player: the italian job
Color of toenails: nada
You touched: sam, lol
Hugged: ummm katie maybe?
You IMed: beth
Kill: well theres this one person...
Slap: well theres this one person...
Get high: im clean
Look like: i like working with myself if that makes sense?
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Flowers or candy: candy-but you prolly knew that by now
Tall or short: TALL-no other option
In the morning I am: sleeping

All I need is: friends & love
Love is: patient. Love is kind. is not wasteful. does not boast. and the rest of that verse.
I dream about: well i had this one dream that i turned all these guys gay together which was a little creepy
What do you notice first: smell. its weird. when i like a guy, i remember their smell and i refer that scnet to that person. but then when i don't like them anymore, i don't notice the smell anymore when i'm around them. is that weird???
Last person you danced with: alec at cotillion...unless you count getting on it in the car with the homies
Worst question to ask: dont you need to get home?
Who makes you laugh the most: lauren blackwell or maybe eric jones
Who makes you smile: everyone!
Who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: i get random funny feelings for random people so you never know
Who do you have a crush on: nobody really-i mean, you always have that "one guy" that you've known since oh, kindergarten that you'll always have a little crush on...but nothing special
Who has a crush on you: okay-who honestly knows the honest answer to this question unless you have a freaking significant other???
Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone to IM you:no
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: one week out of every month
Wish you were younger: not really
Of times I have had my heart broken: twice? but i wouldnt say it was broken, lol.
Of hearts I have broken: um idk-hopefully not any
Of guys I've kissed: 9?
Of girls I've kissed: hahahahha-no idea.
Of continents I have lived in: go america!!!
Of tight friends: of really really tight friends-2 or 3..but i would honestly tell all of my best friends my secrets and not give a care
Of CDs I own: well i dont stay up at night counting my CDs
Of scars on body: a couple
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mlk [Jan. 18th, 2005|02:18 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |guster]

oh what a weekend.

i had to get up early friday to go get my wisdom teeth removed. they put me to sleep, and i will always wonder if i talked while they took my teeth out. i mean really, do you tend to say crazy things? i mean i could have been like "ya know im kind of scared that you're operating on me cause no offense, but you're a funny-looking little man with weird glasses and moustache" (cause he was) or i might have been like..well who knows!!!

and i came home, and took some pain medicine and i started to feel lightheaded so i start walking back to bed, and then i just pass out on the floor. and everyone assumed that i had knocked something over so i just kind of laid there until i deided i could get up and move to the bed...

yeah, it was a great weekend.

thursday was fun though. after the swim meet i headed to fran's to watch the OC but her b/f was over there and they were watching some kind of cowboy movie so i ate wendys and went to morgans & hung out w/ them, which was fun.

and that was it.
hallelujah martin luther king.

i didn't go to school today. so i guess one good thing came out of all the crap.

bye guys, im gonna go take a nap.
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2005|12:44 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |split screen sadness]

when you think about it (call me crazy) wouldn't you think that your first coca-cola was really painful?
i mean--all your life you've drinken milk, water, and juice. and then all of a sudden your body is introduced to this carbonation. my eyes still water sometimes when i drink too fast...i mean, it's like knives (not very sharp ones obviously) just moving their way down your throat. yet, we kept drinking it, or at least i did. and omg--when it comes out your nose!!

anyways--i have wisdom teeth surgery next weekend. sigh.
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yay. [Jan. 5th, 2005|07:18 pm]
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |5 for fighting]

so..its a little late for a "yay its the new year" entry but what better way to procrastinate doing your homework?? thats what i thought.

wow...2004. im sooo glad its over. i was grounded for about half of it, but the other half rocked!


lets see,

andrew beth katie johnny and i all went skiing. it was my first time playing hide&seek in a little hotel. the hot tub was broken...so we all soaked in the sauna. and katie was a sheet hog. and we all skiied, surprise surprise.

laurens parents went out of town. that was an interesting evening. timeless, a classic.

seths had an awesome birthday party.

i remember eating tonnns of chinese food w/ beth katie michael and jonathan and we saw joanne..and she looked at us all weird and pretended like she didnt know us. oh lord, she thought we were whores. lol.

oh yeah! ebenezer. wow....

@ montreat--i got to know michael & matt...and i also had to hear 'she will be loved' about 50 million times plus extreme plus the strokes and thats probably why my music preferences are so whacked up today.

i've met soo many new people this year and made some new friends and surprisingly im still (for the most part) still friends with all my old friends. and i can honestly say that i love everybody. a whole whole lot. all of them mean sooo much to me. lol. wow lindsay, you're so exagerative. whatever!!!

we were all in the hobbit--well beth andrew and i....but it felt like johnny was in it too cause he was at like half the practices. thats when i first heard of eric jones. hahahah.

tons of shows, lots of junior bacon cheeseburgers, even trips to JOE DAY. whoa i forgot about that place until just now.

theres more, but i cant really remember......or i can, but i just cant write about them.
but happy new year guys!!!

p.s) today was awesome beyond awesome!!! at least it beats sitting at home...lol.

pps) omg i forgot zonefest--the best experience of my life because i got gavin degraws autograph!!!

oh yeah, and cotilion too...
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the wrong words seem to rhyme [Dec. 25th, 2004|07:29 pm]
[mood |naughtynaughty]
[music |john mayer]

merry christmas guys. i might actually see you outside the deep depths of hell aka school. i get ungrounded today!

garsh. idk what to say.

i was so happy i got to see everybody at cotilion.

i made a mistake. and i regret it so bad. and i wish i could just get on with my life and put it in the past. i hate remembering things...its probably because i've been stuck inside the house and theres nothing to do but think...im just interested in how things will work out...oh god, i cant even complete any of my thoughts.

this is just a waste of space.

whatever, im going to keep wasting space. screw you guys anyways.

a lot has changed since...whenever i last updated.

i turned 17.
i conquered the pyramid...& it wasn't that great. but i learned a lot. and..well. yeah.
i got a car. a nice car. lol.

oh god, i think thats it. i should probably delete everything i just wrote to keep me from looking like a loser.
oh well, cant hide the obvious.

i passed precalc in yo face.

um...i can make margaritas now!!!!!!

we're gonna have an 80s-90s party and play atari, and wear snap bracelets, and tickle furbys, and kill tamagotchis, and ride scooters, and wear scrunchies.

um yeah.

i cant wait til tomorrow night...i get to see everybody!!!! and legally too! and i can stop making phone calls from the closet. and i can...well, thats about it.


kevin is in town. we will...do what we always do. holler.

sams not supposed to stay inside anymore cause he pissed in my parents room and then he vomited. i thought it was quite funny. as long as i didn't have to clean it. i let him in anyways. awww. i tried to give him some catnip. he hates catnip, which is kind of weird. but hes sam, and he's different from any other cat in the world--so i guess i shouldnt be surprised.

i miss you. sigh. again.
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for you did not whisper in my ear, but my heart. and you did not kiss my cheek, but my soul.. [Nov. 14th, 2004|09:03 am]
[mood |geekygeeky]

so not much has beein going on considering i've been grounded since october 9th.

swimming has started up again...woop.

i get ungrounded on thanksgiving!!! yayyy!!! & hopefully my parents will have bought a car..we've been looking at some and i think they finally decided and it is a very hott car.

i was hoping my mom wouldn't fit & therefore couldn't drive it..but i guess i'll be happy with riding in it...& maybe driving it some...& maybe oh whoa i just got the jitters.

but nonetheless...

my b*day is on tuesday!!!! yay for 17. i wish Finding Neverland was rated R so then i could buy my first R rated movie...but oh well...i love johnny depp and i abosolutely love peter pan...& i guess i'll buy my first R rated thing some other time. what is up with this $7 thing?? eff that

so that's gonna be the first thing i do when i get my freedom back.

my mom let me out last night...i saw everybody & their mother. it was crazy...and i love the ghetto graham cinema...i think my blood turned to butter from all that we put on the popcorn last night.

so ive been thinking. i know that sounds kind of dangerous..but i've been kind of bored lately. and i was thinking about people...sometimes i wish people weren't so blunt...and then other times i wish that they were more honest. and sometimes i just wish that they would shut up and die. and other times i wish they cared. and other times i wish they would mind their own business. is this what ADD is like??? i like "real" people. i don't know many of these kinds of people. only like...three. and they're my favorite to be around. they don't play games...there's no bullshit...and they're fun!! & they care about stuff, but they don't let it bother them if things aren't going their way. so kudos to you real people!

i would like to thank eric jones for the reality check that he gave everybody. thank you eric jones...i now know to stick to beer.

just kidding!!!

oh god, im rambling.

haha. nasir said that it usually ends up that the people that "love to hate and hate to love" each other are the people that end up married. it's funny how i hated that one person for like ever...yet i had so much fun when i was around them at the same time. i guess people can be assholes sometimes. hey, who isn't? but theres another thing: you can't hate somebody without loving them first...which is kind of contraditory because if you loved someone, why would you hate them??? i mean, there was obviously SOMETHING about them that you loved, so why the change?? theres NOT an effing change!! you don't really hate them, but i dont' know what it is. i think hate is a very strong word/emotion that doesn't really exist in the first place...& it's just used to make people feel bad about themselves.

well...im going to church now & then the restaurant & then chapel hill with my mom to look at the '97 BMW that they're going to purchase!!

holla at that...!!!


cause i definitely LOVE YOU!!!! :)
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